Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio Editor 8
For Windows and Mac

Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio Editor is the most powerful green screen software solution that we provide. Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio Editor is a self-contained chroma key removal program that does not require Photoshop or any other photo editing applications to produce beautiful green screen photos.

Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio Editor is intended for people that demand the greatest flexibility in green screen photography. Green Screen Wizard Pro with its Sandwich Overlays, Shadow Generators can provide professional photographers a platform for doing business. The Pro Version offers five layers to create amazing images and supports the sandwich overlays. It has a full annotation capability that will let you put as much text as you like on your images. With this feature you can create advertisements or your own magazine covers. Green Screen Wizard 8 on (Windows Only for now) adds some new special effects that makes creating artistic images a breeze.

Version 8 has a FULL SCREEN interface for Green Screen Wizard


The Pro Studio Version of 8.0 has the exciting Airbrush Editor making Green Screen Wizard the most powerful Green Screen Software on the planet!

Photo editor

The Green Screen Wizard Airbrush Editor is the next step in the evolution of green screen software. In the past clever algorithms had two jobs. The first job was to determine if a color in the image was part of the foreground or part of the background. The second job was to act on the color to remove it, blend it with the background or just change its color. Both actions required a lot of guesswork on the part of the algorithm.


With the Green Screen Wizard Airbrush Editor you can use brushes to give the algorithm more information about the image and what part of the image needs to be changed. For example you can use a brush to erase areas of the screen that have shadows on it. If someone is holding green flowers or has on a green shirt you can use the Editor to restore the green color. The most amazing brush in the Editor is the hair brush. With this brush you can tell the algorithm the exact hair color you're looking for and it will attempt to process any green areas that might possibly contain the selected hair color. This results in the very best hair restoration possible.

There are nine specialty brushes that make green screen processing more powerful

1.     Erase Background - To replace the foreground with the background

2.     Restore Foreground - To restore green areas, like flowers and clothing

3.     Blend - This blends the foreground and background for wedding veils and transparent areas.

4.     Hair - Lets you select hair color and then extract it

5.     Filter- Like hair but you select a cloth color

6.     Blend Edges - Smooth Edges

7.     Spill - To remove Green Spill

8.     Restore Black - Restore Black

9.     Restore White - Restore White

In the old days of black-and-white photography is was very easy to airbrush photos. Most of the movie stars of the time had flawless skin due to the skill of these airbrush retoucher's. With color photography this became a little more challenging. The airbrush Editor's second mission is to make touching up color photos a simple matter.

1.     Blur - Will blur the skin for a softer look

2.     Smooth - Will take out variations in skin tone

3.     Copy - Copy's one section of the photo to another

4.     Brightness - Change the brightness of any section of the photo

5.     Contrast - Change the contrast of any section of the photo

6.     Paint - Paint any color to add color to skin, or eye shadow

Here are a few examples:

In this example the Airbrush Editor restored the green flowers, created a prefect restoration of the veil and used the copy button to remove the green stems of the bouquet.
Photo editorPhoto editor

In this next example we restored hair using the hair brush (some of this effect could be create by a better adjustment of the combine sliders) and removed the dark area created by the shadow on the screen.
Photo editorPhoto editor

This examples shows the ability of the Hair Brush to restore even the finest hairs.
Photo editorPhoto editor

As indicated by its name, the Airbrush Editor is not only used to repair green screen problems, it can also be used to "Airbrush" photos. In this example we removed wrinkles, softened skin and enhanced the eye shadow.
Photo editorPhoto editor

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This video discusses the extra features of the Pro Version

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This video demonstrates the Airbrush Editor that is part of the pro studio.
Photo editor
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Chroma Key BackgroundsChroma Key Backgrounds
Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio Editor 8 Software
Professional photographers will enjoy the extra money making features of the Pro Version. Sandwich Overlays, Pick, Silhouettes, Shadows, Special Effects,Image/Text.

Add a Professional Green Screen Backdrop with Stand and all you need are some lights and a camera and you have a Green Screen Studio

The pro version is required to do sandwich overlays
Digital Download Only
For PC and Mac

Digital Download and Essential Backgrounds DVD
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Digital Download, Essential Backgrounds DVD and Lightweight Popup Screen...Show Screen
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Digital Download and Essential Backgrounds DVD and 10x16 Green Screen Backdrop with with Professional Stand...Show Screen
Ship US+CA $37.50, NonUS $300.00

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Simple User Interface

Green Screen Wizard offers a simple, intuitive user interface that makes it easy to learn, easy to use, and fun for all ages and skill levels.

The new Mac full screen graphical User Interface .

New 7.0 Windows Interface


Green Screen Wizards 4.0 EZCombine Interface makes it a simple task to get the best green screen images.

Have Fun, Make Money with Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio Editor

  • Fun for your family: Put them in settings from around the world.
  • An instructional aid for teachers: Teach a class on Rome, Greece, or maybe the Wild West? Drop a picture of your student into various locations, or bring a green screen to class and then take a photo of the student and put his or her image in the era that they are learning about.
  • Versatile Backgrounds for Portrait Photography: Eliminate the need for for a variety of fixed backgrounds or elaborate sets. Green Screen Wizard can use any jpeg to provide exciting backgrounds for your images.
  • Elegant settings for Wedding Photographers: Produce great bridal portraits regardless of venue.
  • More flexibility for Model Photography: Add diversity to a model's portfolio with beach or exotic location shots.

The uses for this program are limited only by your imagination.


Why Buy Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio Editor?

  • The Pro Studio Editor version is the only green screen program with a built in Editor
  • Intuative Interface makes getting results fast and easy
  • Supports both blue and green screens
  • Can use any jpeg as a background
  • A complete Annotation System
  • An Image placement System
  • Has 3 Shadow Generatiors
  • Special Effects like Sillouette, Blured Backgrounds and more
  • Can create high resolution images, up to 600 dots per inch
  • Sandwich Overlay feature lets you create more realistic magazine covers and use the Sandwich Overlays Disk we sell
  • Written in C++ makes it is fast
  • Constantly under development with free updates to purchased version
  • You are not stuck with an entry level product, your purchase price may be applied to upgraded versions
  • Reality integration gives the most realistic green screen output
  • The Pro Version offers built in printing
  • Brightness, color, and rotation adjustments are available
  • Simple labeling is now part of the Pro Version


Supported features of the Pro Studio Editor Version.

Airbrush Editor 
The GreenScreenWizard Airbrush Editor is the next step in the evolution of green screen software. It can fix screen defects, restore green areas and has an amazing hair brush that will give you the best hair restoration possible.

It has 9 brushes that are specifically designed to edit green screen photo. It also has 6 brushes to help touch up any image.
<More information...>

Photo editor

Three Overlays  
Three overlays are provided so that you can do magazine covers, add a frame to your image
or use the new sandwich overlays.
<More information...>

Pick Gallery
Select the best background for current foreground from a gallery.   <More information...>

Advanced Annotation 
Full flexibility to add annotation or images on your output. Now you can make your own Magazine Covers.    <More information...>

Special Effects 
Special effects for your image. Change to Black and White or Sepia.
Use the new Sillouette setting to create instant art.  <More information...>

Shadow Generator
Create realistic shadows on your images.   <More information...>

Wall Shadow

Floor Shadow

Floor and Wall Shadow

Used to match the foreground and background color.   <More information...>

Used to match the foreground and background exposures.    <More information...>

Used to match the foreground and background color.   <More information...>

Clip the sides of an image   <More information...>

Before Clipping

After Clipping

Flip or rotate forground or background.   <More information...>

Image Scaleing
Allows the independent scaling and moving of the foreground and background.    <More information...>

Combine Settings
These settings determine how the foreground image is merged with the background.
You may use the EZCombine screen or the more detailed sliders.     <More information...>

Image Labels  
Can add two labels to the image.   <More information...>