This Green Screen Software offers everything you need to do professional
Green Screen Special Effects also known as Chroma Key Effects on PC, Mac and iPhone.

NEW Photobooth Version 3
Green Screen Software
Are you ready to be a Green Screen Photography Wizard in 2017?

In a world where everyone has a cell phone camera it is harder and harder to impress your clients, family or friends with your photographs.

Green Screen Wizard offers you a chance to easily master the almost magical skill of green screen photography.

Whether you just want to have fun with the kids or expand your photography business, Green Screen Wizard has software for every budget and need. The inexpensive Full version offers professional green screening at a low price. The Pro Studio version with its built in editor and amazing effects is the clear choice for the professional photographer. If you want to do events, or batch process your school or sports photos then the Pro Batch/Event software is for you.
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Is your green screen software used by 20,000 photograpers? Does your green screen software have a built in editor? Does your green screen software offer special effects?
Green Screen Wizard software’s combination of power and ease of use have made it one of the most populate green screen software products. Watch this video to learn about the many uses of Green Screen Photography.
Green screen Introduction
The Airbrush Editor is a breakthrough in green screen technology. Green screen algorithms create a flawless image 95% of the time. That is fine if your are having fun with the kids but professionals need to sometimes restore green, fix fine hairs, repair skin flaws and deal with other image problems to make their clients happy. The Airbrush Editor, available in the Pro Studio and Pro Batch versions uses as combination of standard brushes and special "Green Screen Aware" brushed to provide all the tools you will need to make your image a masterpiece.
Photo editor
Green Screen Wizard Pro provides eye popping special effects
o Framing
o Advanced Silhouettes
o Reflections
o Smoothing
o Texture
o Lighting
Chromakey silhouette image
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What Green Screen Wizard Offers
Our flagship product is the standalone Green Screen Wizard Software available on the PC and Mac. With over 20,000 registered users Green Screen Wizard is a leader in the Green Screen Photo Software Business
Lightroon green screen plugin New.....Green Screen Wizard now has a free Lightroom Link.   Click here to learn more...
Backgrounds and Overlays
Digital backgrounds

Green Screen Wizard can use any JPEG file as a background. There is no need to buy our backgrounds to create great photos with Green Screen Wizard. That being said, it takes a lot of time to find good background photos, so Green Screen Wizard has created a series of superior background disks.

Free Green Screen Articles and Training
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How does it work?
What do I need to do green screen photography
What can I do with the products?
How do I choose the software?
How can I use it in my classroom?
How can I have fun with my kids
How to do Batch Processing or streamline an Event Business

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Software for Mac and PC

Wizard Photo Software
Is a standalone product that comes in three version.

The Full version has a powerful green screen engine.
Full Version   

The Pro Studio with Editor version adds a full editor and special effects.
Pro Studio Version   

The Pro Batch/Event version system is for school and event photographs.
Pro Batch Version   

Wizard Photobooth
To learn how to have fun or make money with our new Live View Green Screen Photo Booth Software.
Photo Booth Software   

Wizard Photoshop Plug-in
Use Green Screen Wizard inside of Photoshop to take advantage of all the Photoshop capabilities.
Photoshop Plugin   

Zipper Video Software
Simple but powerful green screen video processing.
Zipper Video Software   
iPhone/iPad Apps

The incredible Green Screen Wizard processing engine is now available as an iPhone/iPad app. Using the built in camera all you need is some green cloth to start doing green screen photography today!
Available in the iPhone App Store for only $4.99!

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Would you like your skin to look younger in your photos? The Smooth Skin Photo Wizard uses special algorithms to detect areas of the photo that are skin colored and apply the smoothing to just those areas. You can choose how much smoothing you want with convenient sliders.
Available in the iPhone App Store for only $1.99!

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