Green Screen Wizard Version 11 for Windows and Mac

Version 11 adds two amazing features, Advanced Hair Processing and Green Guard.

Advanced Hair Processing
One of the great challenges of Green Screen Photography is hair. Because hair is semi-transparent it lets some of the green light from the background pass through and creates a color that is not the background green color or the hair color. In older versions of the Wizard detecting this and then restoring the correct color was only done well if the user selected the proper hair color in the combine screen or used the editor.

Version 11 introduces Advanced Hair Processing. This is a 2 step process. First the tallest person is scanned and then his or her hair is analyzed. Up to 8 separate hair colors are recoded. The second step is when the image is processed these colors are specifically searched for and extracted.
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Green Guard
Another problem facing green screen photographers is what to do if someone has on a green shirt or has a green logo.

Green Guard processing has two methods to restore green on an image. The first method, inside green, will restore green on the inside of an image. This can be used for logos or flowers.
A second method, the green shirt method, can detect and restore green that goes to the edge of and image like a shirt or dress. This works as long there is some color variation from the background green. Both detection processes can be fine tuned with the provided sliders.
This method is only available in the Pro Studio and Pro Batch versions.
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