Green Screen Wizard Capabilities

1. Replace the green background with a background image
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GreenScreenWizard's most basic and important feature is the ability to replace the green background with a background image. GreenScreenWizard not only replaces the background but it integrates the foreground picture into that background and it creates semi transparent areas where necessary. It also corrects for any green spell that might the reflected off the image.
GreenScreenWizard will work with any JPEG that you take yourself where you can find on the Internet. it is often time-consuming to find good green screen digital backgroundsI have a place for the person to stand and are interesting but not too complicated.
For this reason we saw number of backgrounds you can see a complete list here:

2. Create a image with no background
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There are times when we don't want any background at all. Images of this type can be placed on a webpage and the background of the webpage will show through the image. These images with no backgrounds can also be used in Photoshop to be layers in in multilayered images. The JPEG file format does not support a transparent background so when images of this type are created they must be saved as PNG files.

3. Do a Sandwich Overlay
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The Sandwich Overlay is probably the best feature in GreenScreenWizard. It allows you not only to place a person on background but you can actually place a person inside of a image as you can see from the examples above. Both kids and adults are excited and amazed by this capability. Each sandwich overlay is like adding a whole new effect to your bag of photography tricks. You can also use sandwich overlays to create magazine covers, more interesting frames and greeting cards.
You can even create your own sandwich overlays.

4. Add Simple Frames to your images
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In all versions of GreenScreenWizard a simple overlay can be added. Normally this takes the form of a frame however you can also create a simple magazine cover that sits on top of the image. You can create your own frames in Photoshop as simple PNG files that have a transparent area in.

5. Add Sandwich Frames to your images
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A sandwich frame is a type of sandwich overlay. In this kind of frame two images are created. The foreground image is just a simple frame. The background image is designed to to match the foreground image so that you do not need to take the time to find a good matching background.

6. Create Magazine Covers
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Customer Created:
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Everyone wants to be a celebrity. So it's no surprise that people really enjoy being on the cover of a magazine. GreenScreenWizard offers two types of magazine covers. The simple magazine cover that acts like a frame and sits over the image. This kind of magazine cover can be used by all versions of the system. The second kind of cover has a title below the persons image, this is a form of sandwich overlay and can only be used for the Pro version of the plug-in. Magazine covers are easy-to-use all you need to do is select one.
You can create your own magazine covers. The football magazine cover was created for Super Bowl and the boy scout magazine cover was created for the Boy Scout jamboree were over 13,000 images were created for the Boy Scouts using GreenScreenWizard. At the jamboree many backgrounds were offered but the boy's life magazine cover was by far the most popular.

7. Create Greeting Cards or Invitations

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Every year people send out a millions of greeting cards. GreenScreenWizard can create greeting cards for your clients or yourself. There are several ways of making the creation of greeting cards easier using GreenScreenWizard. First of all we offer greeting card templates that make it easy to create the front of your greeting card. You can also simply create an image and use the text features of GreenScreenWizard to turn an image into a greeting card or invitation. Once you have the front of your greeting card ready you still need to be able to print it and message inside the card. GreenScreenWizard offers a complete card generation system with the system you cannot only print your own cards but you can submit them to a printing service which will professionally print them for you.

8. Add Text and Images
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GreenScreenWizard has two methods of adding text. The first method is called a label and it is used to add a simple title or footnote to an image. This capability is available in all of the products. A more comprehensive text system which will allow you to put any font in any color anyplace is available in the Pro version. In addition in the Pro version you can add the bubbles as shown in the photo above or any other image background as part of your text.

The GreenScreenWizard Pro will also allow you to place images at five levels in your composition. You can place an image in front of the person or behind the person, in front of the frame are behind the frame etc. The butterfly wings in the above photo were added with the image capability. You can also use this capability to put multiple people into one image by first saving each persons green screen photo with no background and then using the image command to place all the people into a composition.

9. Add Shadows
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To add even more realism to green screen photography it is often desirable to add a shadow to a composition. The shadows are created by projecting the green screen image as a black area on a wall or the ground. There are three shadow generators in GreenScreenWizard Pro. Each of the shadow generators can control how dark the shadow is and how sharp it is. The first and simplest to use is the wall shadow generator which simply projects the image onto a wall. The second generator will cast a shadow onto the ground. However as we know the shadow can be long and thin or close to the body. There are controls in the floor shadow generator to create all kinds of floor shadow effects. the most difficult shadow generator is the one that casts a shadow on the floor and then the wall. The software has to be told where the wall floor boundary is. This makes the shadow generator bit harder to use but the effects can be amazing.

10. Create Silhouettes
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The silhouette option is probably my favorite green screen special effect. You can take an ordinary photo and create a work of art in just a few seconds. It doesn't really matter if a person's makeup is correct or whether their cloths are clean the silhouette always looks great. This makes it ideal if you're shooting images at a party where people did not come to be photographed. Silhouettes also make great pregnancy photos.

11. Other Special Effects
Green Screening appeals to people that would like to do something different. To expand on this idea we created a series of special effects that will help photographer create unique image. We use the transparency information created by the green screen removal system to create dramatic silhouettes with many colors and even cutout images. You can also use the transparency information to create realistic reflections in the water. Because so many green screen photographers are photographing people a great deal of development has be given to creating a great skin smoothing system. In version 9.0 we are on our 3ed generations of this system and we believe it is our best by far. Green screen photography requires flat lighting so we added some lighting effects to give you some more visually pleasing portraits. Often the images are used for web pages. Adding a frame can make them standout. The texture system was added for photographers that are attempting to create art.