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All kids like to be the center of attention. What better way to do that than to feature then in some fun photos. You will be hooked the first time your child smiles when they see a picture of themselves in a field of butterflies or on the moon. Green Screen Software lets you be creative in a way that no other photographic process does. You can place your kids anywhere in the world. Want to be a princess in a castle? No problem. Want a photo of your family at the beach or in the woods? It is easy.
Your older kids may actually enjoy playing with the wizard themselves as we have many elementary school kids that make use of the product.

We have several backgrounds that were created specifically to feature children. We have the kids magazine covers shown here:
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A lot of the sandwich overlays work well with children. The Globe sandwich overlay is probably the most popular overlay we have.
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Here are some overlays created by one of our users Judy Burton.
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Is your child's education a priority for you? You can use GreenScreenWizard to help your child at school. Make their studies come alive and their report the talk of the class by putting them in a background that matches whatever they are studying. For other educational ideas check out the section on using GreenScreenWizard in the classroom.

Here is a photo submitted by a teacher showing her student rideing with Rosa Parks. Do you think that that student will remember the lession?

You do not really need to have expensive lighting or a great camera to use a product. All you need to do is take your green screen outback and photograph your kids against it in the shade. Outdoor lighting is actually very good for green screen photography. What does not work is to walk up to the screen and use your built-in flash to take a picture of your child. This will put harsh shadows on the screen which will be hard to remove.
The best way to learn how to use the products is to watch the videos that are on the products page.

Here's a few testimonials of people that had fun with the kids using GreenScreenWizard.
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Having a blast with Green Screen Wizard. This is a pic I did with my grandaughters using your 5.0 upgrade. Now looking for digital wings. Got the one pair sent with 5.0 upgrade. Is there anywhere I can get more? Like dragonfly wings ect. Thank you for your product. I have alot to do now.

Kip Morris

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I had a blast doing my grandson with green screen.


I love the new Pro 4 version of your GreenScreen Wizard. I just shot our Bible school children using the green screen and put them on the beach (theme was "Surfing the Scriptures"). Everyone was delighted with their pictures.
Thanks for your product.
Keep up the good work.

Bill Waibel
DeSoto, Texas
Here is an image we created over the weekend.
Hello, my name is Michael Holt and I've been excited about using Green Screen Wizard. I have been on the website www.dpreview.com and have been mentioning your product. I find it very easy to work with and I had a moment and I wanted to share a quick photo of my kids. These photos were taken with just two monolights set at a 45 degree angle to the subject. I purchased a DVD of backdrops from Backdrop Outlet and in seconds I have one photo and many backgrounds to choose from. Painted backdrops are expensive and your program has saved me money.