Choose the Best Green Screen Software for Me

This webpage will ask a series of questions to help you pick the software that will work best for you. If you still have questions please send them to

Are you a School Photographer or a photographer that shoots large groups of people?
The pro batch system also has all of the features of the Pro Studio as well as special batch software to automate your business. You can batch image creation or printing.
Green Screen Wizard Pro Batch/Event

Are you an Event Photographer that wants to shoot and give prints at an event?
The Pro Batch system has an Event Mode that will let you shoot rapidly at events. It works with any camera tethered to your computer.
Green Screen Wizard Pro Batch/Event

You may also want to consider the new Photo Booth Software. This software works with webcams and selected Nikon and Canon cameras. It can be used as a classic photo booth controlled by the user or as a live view event system controlled by you.
Green Screen Photo Booth Software

Are you an experienced Photoshop User?
Here the choice is harder. You can buy the Photoshop Plugin for Windows or you can get any of the Standalone Software. The Plugin will let you use all the features of Photoshop. The downside is that the Plugin is harder to use then the standalone. We recommend that you buy the pro standalone and then you can buy a copy of the plugin for $20 using your Pro Studio serial number as a coupon code. That way you have the best of both, the easy of use of the standalone and the power of the plugin when you need it.

Do you want to be able to use the Airbrush Editor and some of the advanced effects?
If you do not need the batch features and you are not a photoshop expert then you need to choose between the Full version for $129 and the Pro Studio Editor Version for $199. If you are selling your photos it is recommended that you buy the Pro Studio so you can use the editor. If cost is an issue you can start with the full system and then later upgrade to the Pro Studio Editor Version for $70 by using your GSWF serial number in the coupon code at checkout.

You will need the pro version to use the Compare Images, Airbrush Editor, Unlimited Text, Pick Feature, Shadows and many special effects.