Airbrush Editor with Smart Green Screen Brushes

For the Windows and Mac Standalone Pro Versions

The Airbrush Editor is contained in then Pro Studio and Pro Batch/Event Versions of Green Screen Wizard.
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The Green Screen Wizard Airbrush Editor is the next step in the evolution of green screen software. In the past clever algorithms had two jobs. The first job was to determine if a color in the image was part of the foreground or part of the background. The second job was to act on the color to remove it, blend it with the background or just change its color. Both actions required a lot of guesswork on the part of the algorithm.


With the Green Screen Wizard Airbrush Editor you can use brushes to give the algorithm more information about the image and what part of the image needs to be changed. For example you can use a brush to erase areas of the screen that have shadows on it. If someone is holding green flowers or has on a green shirt you can use the Editor to restore the green color. The most amazing brush in the Editor is the hair brush. With this brush you can tell the algorithm the exact hair color you're looking for and it will attempt to process any green areas that might possibly contain the selected hair color. This results in the very best hair restoration possible.

There are nine specialty brushes that make green screen processing more powerful

1.     Erase Background - To replace the foreground with the background

2.     Restore Foreground - To restore green areas, like flowers and clothing

3.     Blend - This blends the foreground and background for wedding veils and transparent areas.

4.     Hair - Lets you select hair color and then extract it

5.     Filter- Like hair but you select a cloth color

6.     Blend Edges - Smooth Edges

7.     Spill - To remove Green Spill

8.     Restore Black - Restore Black

9.     Restore White - Restore White

In the old days of black-and-white photography is was very easy to airbrush photos. Most of the movie stars of the time had flawless skin due to the skill of these airbrush retoucher's. With color photography this became a little more challenging. The airbrush Editor's second mission is to make touching up color photos a simple matter.

1.     Blur - Will blur the skin for a softer look

2.     Smooth - Will take out variations in skin tone

3.     Copy - Copy's one section of the photo to another

4.     Brightness - Change the brightness of any section of the photo

5.     Contrast - Change the contrast of any section of the photo

6.     Paint - Paint any color to add color to skin, or eye shadow

Here are a few examples:

In this example the Airbrush Editor restored the green flowers, created a prefect restoration of the veil and used the copy button to remove the green stems of the bouquet.
Photo editorPhoto editor

In this next example we restored hair using the hair brush (some of this effect could be create by a better adjustment of the combine sliders) and removed the dark area created by the shadow on the screen.
Photo editorPhoto editor

This examples shows the ability of the Hair Brush to restore even the finest hairs.
Photo editorPhoto editor

As indicated by its name, the Airbrush Editor is not only used to repair green screen problems, it can also be used to "Airbrush" photos. In this example we removed wrinkles, softened skin and enhanced the eye shadow.
Photo editorPhoto editor