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User Images and Testimonials 

This is your section of the website, as the Green Screen Wizard user. Please send your images both with the green background and the final image along with a success story.

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Teachers read this!

I have to show you my favorite picture I have taken to date. The fourth grade studied "Famous Americans" and did a report and living museum. I created the pictures for their wall of fame. The attached photo is a picture of a student sitting with Rosa Parks. The other is a picture of a student in the Redwood Forest. He studied it and got to "visit" it. :) The list goes on and on. We just love it!

I really enjoy the green screen software and having so much fun, it totally rocks!!! I have attached one of the photos I did for one my customers and they loved it.


Yes, I have all of Marc's art collections. In fact, I have all of the collections you offer,. The First is a simple dog portrait in the martini glass sandwich overlay. The next is a portrait with an action shot behind it. Did I mention I'm a pet photographer? Both my portrait business and action shot sales have increased considerably since I began using Green Screen Wizard.

Jamie Campbell

The motorcycle photo was shot on green screen about two years ago. The badge was shot on green screen in my drive way and the photo of time square in New York city was taken last month. Put them all together and I think it is an interesting photo. The mode is my wife to be Kim. It was all done on my mac pro book.

Robert Cornelison

I am so impressed with the Green Screen Wizard. Love the easy and time saver it will be for me allowing more time with my clients. I can get rid of all those bulky backdrops and clean up the studio. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful program Ken.

Diane Thomas

Here are a few of the shots we took during our event at this year Super Bowl.I want to take this time to Thank You for your help. Without your help and the Green Screen Wizard software we would have never been able to get the pictures we did.

Bob Cox

In November, I took hundreds of green screen photos, and processed 95 of them, placing them on a tropical Island. Just last evening, I photographed a Sweethearts banquet at a church, and then photographed a rose that I had given to my daughter for Valentines Day. I cropped the rose photo and placed it in the background and used the GSW magic to place the photos of our married couples. I have made a whole lot of people happy with the work I have done with your help. Thanks for such a great product.

Ken Flateau

I had a blast doing my grandson with green screen.


Sure Thing - here you go - some of my favorites

Isaiah McCommons

We held our second annual Howl-iday Pet Photos this year and editing the images was so much easier using Green Screen Wizard! We were able to quickly and easily show the pet owners' what their photos would look like and then later do any extra cleanup and printing. The photo experience was a great one and our customers enjoyed the increase versatility of backgrounds. Although most selected holiday related backgrounds, you can see that some went for less traditional settings! It was a great experience and we look forward to using the software for similar events in the future! Keep up the good work!!

Tonya Fudge

I have become to really love you application. Especially the Photoshop plug-in. I am submitting some photos of many more that I have done. I am planning on publishing a table top book on my work. Enjoy the prints and you may publish them on your site.

Brian Muntz

I am a professional photographer and recently I was searching for an easy to use green screen program and found your Green Screen Wizard product on the internet. I downloaded the trial version of Pro to see how it worked and was amazed at how easy it is to create professional looking and more importantly FUN pictures. After a few trial pictures I ordered your Christmas Gift Bundle to try the program out. This "Lite" version was enough to convince me to upgrade to the "Pro" version and to order the awesome Sandwich Overlays. I especially like the fact that you allow most of the purchase price of the Lite version to be applied to the upgrade Pro price. Since that time I have been able to use Green Screen Wizard at photo events including local Churches. The Globe and Magazine overlays are very popular! I operate a 40% - 50% Return Donation Program for teams and organizations and this has allowed me to increase my donations and personal income.

Thank you for a Really Good product.

(PS Jerry had a great photo using the Time Magazine cover we used to sell, but Time Magazine asked that we not use their cover anymore.)

Jerry Hogan

Thanks so much for your program, I use Green Screen Wizard for most of my work, it has become an essential part of what I do. With out Green Screen I wouldn't have the creativity and freedom I have. There are other programs out there, but none work as well as Green Screen Wizard ,in my opinion, and for a lot less.

Elizabeth Rosenberry DBA
Creative Photos by Elizabeth

We love your product.
I could go on and on. This sort of photography would be impossible or VERY time consuming without your program. My total business is founded on this. Also I very much like the plug in version. It solved many problems.
Phil Prosser.

I am so happy that I came across your program. Since then it has made my photography alot easy and cheaper. I am so excited about the program. that I have recommended it to a friend of minds that is into photography to help her with her business. Keep up with the excellent work.

Hi Ken,
I thought I would take a moment to send one of my first trys at GreenScreening. After trying it out for the first time, I can't wait to do more. I enjoy fantasy photos in my spare time the rest of the time I'm a truck driver. So if a truckdriver can produce a nice image....
Thanks Dale

Thanks for GSW! I have been in photography for 28 years. I took an leave for about 5 years due to an illness. Then was amazed at how far digital had come in my absence. I tried cut & Fill / paste in ps but it was too timely! I tried other products but none worked as well as yours. I can be creative as well as traditional and don't break the bank. Not only is your product offered at a great value, I can also go out and either create my own backdrops or purchase 20 or more for a fraction of the cost of one regular one. On behalf of my customers and myself, I would just like to say, Thanks for GSW!
Morrie Turner

I love the new Pro 4 version of your GreenScreen Wizard. I just shot our Bible school children using the green screen and put them on the beach (theme was "Surfing the Scriptures"). Everyone was delighted with their pictures.
Thanks for your product.
Keep up the good work.

Bill Waibel
DeSoto, Texas

Hi Ken
My names Roger I’m from Birmingham, England. I bought the green screen software and could not believe how easy it is to use. My creative juices are running wild.

I haveI have been using Green Screen Wizard for about 4 1/2 months. I have seen my business change so much due to the ability to offer so many diverse backgrounds. My clients are amazed by the ability to place them in various locations, while taking the photos in one indoor studio.

The photo of the cake is from a wedding I did recently. The topper was so heavy that it did not stay on the cake, and it fell, luckily onto the back, from the top. I saved the day by whipping out my trusty portable screen and taking a photo of the topper before the ceremony started, and then took a photo of the cake without the topper. In Green Screen Wizard, I used the topper as the foreground and the cake photo as the background. As you can see, it worked PERFECTLY!!! The bride was so happy when she saw the final photo!
Ginger Allen
Everlasting Memories by Ginger

I love the Green Screen Wizard. It is awesome. I have been taking photos with it for about 2 weeks now, and the more I use it the better I like it. It is so easy to use. You just take the photo of your subject and adjust the brightness of the subject and the size to fit into any background, and they really look as if they were there. April

Hi Ken You are going to be my new best friend for GSW .. LOL. I'll be your East Coast gal .. I live just outside of Boston, MA. I am so committed to making GSW in my little studio .. that I am slowly converting my girlfriends. I looked over the help index for combine - and will reread it again and again to improve my skills. I think it would be helpful it you had added a little pointer arrow to wear adjustments were being made to which slider so it would be easier to compare what had been changed. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

NOTE FROM KEN...Peggy has worked hard to really become a Green Screen Expert. I think her photos are all great. By the way one of our users made over $1000 in weekend takeing photos of dogs! Another money making idea.

Here is an image we created over the weekend.

Wonderfull, thank you for your help in getting s/w and backgrounds together. I was outputting 11 x 14 600dpi so needed your ugrade. I have just finished a 15 page calendar for Theatre Arlington using our celebrities as participants. About 25 participants in all. I photographed some at different times and merged them into a green format before using your s/w to add a background. You will recognize your backgrounds, I used quite a lot.I used an 85mm 1.8 Nikon lens. If you want anymore let me know.
Martin Durbec

Hello, my name is Michael Holt and I've been excited about using Green Screen Wizard. I have been on the website and have been mentioning your product. I find it very easy to work with and I had a moment and I wanted to share a quick photo of my kids. These photos were taken with just two monolights set at a 45 degree angle to the subject. I purchased a DVD of backdrops from Backdrop Outlet and in seconds I have one photo and many backgrounds to choose from. Painted backdrops are expensive and your program has saved me money.

Hi Ken: I just purchased your Wizard and you had written on your web site that you would like photos. If that's still the case, here's another photo using your wizard. If you would like more please let me know.  I complimemt you on a great product and look forward to your "pro" version when you're ready.
Gary R. Brunner

I’d be happy to let you use whatever helps. The Illinois fans staging a pile up could be fun. Our Chicago Museum of Science and Industry images are owned by the museum. I should have hundreds of green screen images we are producing from our Rose Bowl photo shoot. Please visit our Virtual Tourist ™ panoramic images. These virtual tours may represent a new way of monetizing technology which has really not taken off: We used green screen photography in documenting this year’s UI Homecoming. The Virtual Tourists can be found in the Campus tab at the 5th button. Be sure to click and navigate inside the images. Please visit The image with the Illinois 2005 football players with the 2007 Home coming queen. Please scroll down to the base (Tripod cap) and right click to take you to other sites.
Best wishes

NOTE FROM KEN.. this is a great money making idea. Get sponsors for the backgrounds and go to the games and give the photos away. It looks like people are harving fun!

We are going to do Brooklands 100yr Festival (Vintage cars) in June with our single standard green screen set up and out-of-the-box GSW. Have a little look at the test sample.
Best Regards

Just Downloaded your Green Screen recently and think Its a great Program. And If there are times when you can't always have a Green Screen Background with you then with Just a Software Program gently color the background in with a solid Green. p.s (like to think not bad for amature) John


I really love the green screen and the software is soooo easy that my kids can use it! how much fun!!!!
Thanks Lori james

Testimonial from

As an online retailer of bathroom vanities and vessel sinks, I know how important it is that my pictures are of only the highest quality. So I decided to give the Green Screen Wizard a try, and I have to say, I'm absolutely thrilled with the results! I don't think it's ever been easier or more intuitive to produce high-quality and creatively unique images. The Green Screen Wizard delivers incredible artistic control, so you can create incredibly cool pictures in just a few simple steps! The hardest part was getting me to stop, I was so hooked! Setting up the green screen was easy, and good lighting was easy enough to come by - bathroom lighting was sufficient for my needs. The software is so manageable and flexible and fun, I'm completely satisfied with the Green Screen Wizard! My webpage has never looked this good, and with the Green Screen Wizard I had it up and running and looking amazing in no time!

Here's an example: I wanted to produce some images of a cool wood-patterned vessel sink, but against a plain white background, it looked flat and boring. So I got my green screen and took a picture with my old point-and-shoot camera. I loaded the picture to my computer and brought up the Green Screen Wizard; with one click, I had my sink in the foreground; with one more click, I loaded a background behind it. And that was it! In two clicks, my vessel sink was standing in the middle of a lush forest… it was that easy, and replacing the woods background with other backgrounds was no more difficult than clicking a few more times! The backgrounds adjusted themselves automatically! I'll admit, I played with this for a long time - my sink went to the moon, the deserts of Arizona, and the Louvre in no time at all! The green Screen Wizard cut my editing times in half and made my website look great! I recommend it to anyone in need of an easy alternative to the magnetic lasso.

-Karen Cross
Web Editor