5x7 Popup Lightweight Blue/Green Screen

Wow, a portable blue/green screen for under $50! This is the great first screen to use with Green Screen Wizard. It is affordable, easy to use, lightweight, and compact for storing. It can be popped up anywhere for a few quick photos. When you are done it will fold up into a 3 foot circle.

Due to the weight of the extra blue fabric, we have added a wooden stiffener to give the screen extra support.

$34.95 plus $12.50 us Shipping 



This portable screen is perfect because it holds itself open. All you need is something to lean it against! This eliminates the need for a frame with a stand. The frame stretches the fabric automatically preventing large wrinkles, which could create hard-to-remove shadows.

How to fold the green screen

Do not have expensive lighting equipment, then take the screen out back and shoot in the shade.



Just bring your photos into Green Screen wizard and start having fun!


When you are all done, all you do is fold the screen back up, following the simple steps below, and pop it back in the case! It does not get any easier than that!



Instructions for collapsing the screen

First bring the screens corner to your chest.


Then fold that corner over to the opposite corner.


Reverse your left hand.


Then twist your hand back around to form the circle shown.


Then fold that circle under the circle formed in your right hand.


Then flatten the circles into one circle.


Now you're ready to put it back in the case.



How to use the stiffener

The screens came all the way from China so you may need to make sure the spring in the screen is not twisted. If you bend the screens spring out where it is bowed in you my be happy with the using just the spring. If you feel you need a bit of extra stiffness then use the supplied stiffener.

The stiffener comes in two parts.


Join the two halves and make sure the notches are facing up.


Attach the notches to the spring in the screen and then use the wing nut to told the stiffener in place.


The stiffener will bow slightly that is what gives the fabric its extra stretch. If it bows too much make sure that the two halves are all the way in the plastic sleeve.