Green Screen Wizard Version 10 for Windows

With over 10 years of development it is hard to add new capabilities to a system that is so feature rich already. That being said the Mac version 9 has a much better Event Mode then the Windows version. Version 10 not only adds the easy image selection and background processing of the Mac version but it also adds a full screen layout and instant changing from Portrait to Landscape modes.
Other features include better image scaling, selectable text and a new cartoon effect.

Updates for Full and Lite Users

In the past inorder to see the effects of moving the foreground or background you would need to recompute the entier green screen image. This can be slow. To fix this Version 10 will simply blend the foreground and background as you move the image. This is a much smoother way of moving the image. This is what the screen looks like when you now move it with the mouse.

Updates for Pro Studio Users

Mouse Text Selection
In version 10 you can select the text (Note:labels cannot be moved this way) and move it using the mouse. Once selected you can choose to move it, delete it or edit the settings and text.

Text not selected

Text selected

Cartoon and Sketch Effect
A new Cartoon and Sketch Effect has been added to Version 10. You can use the follow dialog box to select your effect:

Some Sample Output

Updates for Pro Batch/Event Users

Full Screen Event Mode

The GreenScreenWizard interface was designed for people who'd like to load an image, processes it, and then print it. In this process the user has to go to a foreground folder and find the image he would like to load. When it's time to print the image the user has to select the printer template, then select the printer itself, and then print, and then go back and repeat the process. While this is a simple process it is not very efficient. When you're shooting at an event you often will use the camera's tethering software to bring images into the computer. You'd like to efficiently processes images. To this end GreenScreenWizard "Event Mode" was created.

In version 10 we introduced the full screen event mode. The new system has some key features:
   o A tape deck like interface that lets you display and choose your foreground
   o When a new foreground image is placed in the foreground folder by the tethering
      software the display is automatically updated.
   o A tape deck like interface that lets you display and choose your background
   o A very fast preview of your final image
   o Easily switch from portrait mode to landscape mode
   o Separate backgrounds for landscape and portrait mode
   o A line of text can be added
   o Support of gsw files for overlays and predefined text
   o Background processing creates a high resolution output image
   o Output can be saved to disk, emailed , messaged to a phone or printed.

Setting Up the Full Screen Event Mode
The full screen event mode uses a dialog box to select:
   o The Printer
   o The Pringer Layout
   o Image Source folder
   o Portrate Background Folder
   o Landscape Background Folder
   o Save Folder

Using the Full Screen Event Interface

The current image size and dots per inch and settings will be used as the default layout. Once you click the start full screen event mode button the system will start to load the foregrounds and backgrounds into the system. Once this is done you can start using the system. The interface is very intuitive. Simple click on a foreground or a background and you will see the display updated. If you want to move the foreground image simply right click on the display and drage the mouse. If you want to move the image left click on the display and move the mouse up to scale up and down to scale down.
If you have more the 7 foreground images you can scroll the display using the tape deck style buttons.

You can:
   o Move to the first image
   o Move back 7 images image
   o Move back 1 image
   o Move forward 1 image
   o Move forward 7 images
   o Move to last image
You can also search for an image using text.

To add a line of text, simply enter it in the text window and click add text. You can use any of the 4 meta tags in your text:
<<filename>> - file name
<<filenumber>> - file number DSC_8801.jpg becomes 8801
<<date>> - Month, Day, Year
<<time>> - Time of day
To delete the text click on it with the mouse and then click the x in the lower left corner. To change the text font or color click on the text and then click on the edit symbol in the upper right corner.

To change layouts click the button on the lower right of the screen.

Portrait Layout

Landscape Layout

Clicking the Suspend Event Mode button, will copy the forground and background to green screen wizard and minimize the window. You can then use the wizard to change settings and edit the photo.