Getting started with the Green Screen Wizard Photoshop Plug-in


If you just installed the Photoshop plug-in remember plug-ins are loaded when Photoshop starts. If Photoshop is running stop it and reload it.


Use the file open command to load a background.



The product ships with some sample backgrounds.

They can normally be found at:


 c:|/Program Files/GreenScreenWizardPlugin/MyBackgrounds




Next you want to find an green screen image to put into the background. Do not use the open file method. Use the place option in the file menu.




The product ships with some sample green screen images.

They can normally be found at:


 c:|/Program Files/GreenScreenWizardPlugin/SamplePhotos



The place menu will “Place” you image over the current image. This creates a second layer. To finish the placement you need to hit enter or click on the image.




Now you can use the Green Screen Wizard plug-in to merge the two images. Placing the image does not rasterize it so you have to tell Photoshop it is ok to rasterize.




Hit ok and the bottom layer will be merged into the top layer.











A second example:


The first step is to create a layered image that has a background image with a green screen image layered on top of it. (See above)



Next go to the layer menu and duplicate layer 1.



Once you have duplicated the layer make sure you leave layer 1 copy selected.


The plug-in will us layer 1 as the image the background as the background and the output will be sent to the copy layer. Way all this fuss you say! The reason is if the wizard removes some green that you want back now all you have to do is use the eraser tool in the copy and the green in preserved in the middle layer. Not the entire green screen gets removed? Then merge the copy layer and the middle layer and erase the parts that need erasing.

To invoke the plug-in go to the filter menu and select Green Screen Wizard, submenu 3 Layer System. It is called 3 layer system to remind you that it requires you to set up three layers to us the plugin.


The following dialog should appear:


Show selected areas, will tell you what Green Screen Wizard thinks if foreground and what it thinks is background.


Use blue logic will let you us a blue screen rather then a green screen.


A feature not found in the Green Screen Wizard product is the new “Output Alpha”. While you will loose some of the feature of “Reality integration” there is still some edge smoothing done. Remember jpegs do not save the Alpha channel. You need to save the image as a png or gif file.



Clicking “Show Original Photo” will supply a reference photo.