Green Screen Wizard Upgrade Discounts
Current users of Green Screen Wizard can obtain discount pricing by entering their current serial number.

You can find your current serial number in the about box.

 If you forgot your serial number then send an email to:

The email should request a serial number and state the name and email you used
when you activated the product, or the email address that was used to
send the product to you.

Note: You can only use your Serial number once per discount.

You will normally be given full credit for the money you spent, however if the amount you spent is the same as the product you want you will be charged $20. For example if you have a Green Screen Wizard Full (GSWF) serial number that you paid $100 for and you want to get the new Green Screen Wizard Pro With Editor(GSWS) then entering your old serial number in the discount field will change the price of the new software to $99.95. If you have a Green Screen Wizard Pro serial number (GSWX) that you paid $150 for and want a Plugin in serial number that cost $149.95 then the cost would be $20 the minimum for software.

Here is an example. Let's say you want to buy the new Pro Studio with Editor Software. First add the software you want to the cart. The cost of the software is $199.95

Buy it

Enter your existing serial number, in this case a Full serial number worth $100 Hit "Add Coupon" and wait for it to process. Do not hit "Add Coupon" twice.
Buy it

You should then see the discount applied.
Buy it