Green Screen Wizard Full Kit

Green Screen Wizard Full Kit Contains:

Green Screen Wizard Full version
Green Green Screen Wizard 5.0 offers the latest in green screen software power and control behind an amazingly simple and accessible user interface.

Green Screen Wizard provides professional photographers, as well as photography enthusiasts, a simple way to do green screen removal and substitute their choice of digital background izard.aspx"><more>

Value $99.95

Green Screen Wizard Equipment

5x7 Popup Green Screen
Popup Green Screen
We got a great deal on these screens and are reselling them at good price to help promote green screen photography. Even if you own a pro green screen setup, this pop-up screen is fun to take on location. <more>

Value $29.95


20 Magazine Covers

Value $20

Six Green Screen Wizard Photo Backgrounds

Oceans & Beaches (20 high resolution images)

Beautiful ocean and beach scenes can be yours, without the hassles of sun, wind, and glare!
It's always sunny and beautiful in the world of green screen photography. <more>


Waterfalls (24 high resolution images)

The roar of Niagra Falls or the bubbling of a mountain stream. The grandeur of Yellowstone or the beauty of a tropical lagoon. Waterfalls lend a natural beauty to any photograph. <more>


Arches & Pillars (20 high resolution images)

The Arches & Pillars CD features 20 classic photo backgrounds, perfect for adding classic beauty to your fashion
and formal photographs, or added realism to your fantasy photography. <more>


Stairs & Fireplaces (20 high resolution images)

Wedding photos, prom photos, or simply portrait photos, our Stairs & Fireplaces photo backgrounds add elegance and drama to your formal or romantic photos. <more>


Trees & Bushes (24 high resolution images)

Wrap your models in the beauty of natural surroundings. The 24 beautiful photo backdrops on this "Trees & Bushes" CD give you amazing options to set the mood of your photo. <more>


Flowers & Structures (20 high resolution images)

Formal, casual, choose the stunning photo background that best fits your shot. The "Flowers & Structures" CD contains 20 beautiful photo backgrounds with interesting architectural and garden elements. <more>


Value $128.00

All for $149.90
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