Green Screen Wizard Offers:

Green Screen Wizard Software
Our flagship product is the standalone Green Screen Wizard Software available on the PC and Mac. With over 20,000 registered users Green Screen Wizard is a leader in the Green Screen Photo Software Business
Full Version
The Full version will let you do amazing green screen effects. Green Screen Removal, Scaling, Printing, Color, Clipping, Rotation It offers full Sandwich Overlays and has a feature that will let you pick your green screen setting from a gallery of samples. This makes Green Screen Wizard the easiest to use Green Screen Software on the planet!

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Pro Studio Editor Version
The Studio Editor version is a Studio Photographers Dream. In adds unlimited text, special effects, preview gallery and a shadow generator to the full version. In addition Studio Editor version has a fully integrated editor. The Airbrush Editor has special Green Screen brushes that will let you restore green, erase areas, fix screen shadows and do unprecedented hair restoration. The Airbrush Editor provides a number of other features like smoothing skin and removing wrinkles. This video discusses the extra features of the Pro Version

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Learn about the amazing Airbrush Editor
Photo editor
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Pro Batch/Event Version
School and Event Photographers will find the Pro Batch/Event version a must have. Batch Processing, Batch Printing, Email Dialog, and the exciting Event Mode added to the features of the Pro Studio Editor.

This the batch features video

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This is the Event Mode video

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We also offer Green Screen Wizard Photoshop Plugins that run on PC and the Mac computer as well as Green Screen Zipper Video Program that runs only on the PC.
Photoshop Plugin
Green Screen Wizard Photoshop PlugIn wraps the Green Screen engine in a Adobe Photoshop PlugIn interface. The advantage of using Green Wizard inside of Photoshop is that you can take advantage of all of the Photoshop editing capabilities. In addition, Photoshop can read and save many more file formats than the Green Screen Wizard standalone.
Introduction Plugin Video

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Zipper Video Software
Ever wanted to play with Green Screen Video Special Effects but thought it was too hard to do or too expensive? Then the Green Screen Zipper is for you! With a simple to use interface and a price point under $100 now anyone can have fun creating amazing videos of their family and friends. The web has created an insatiable need for all kinds of compelling content. With this in mind you can make money using this product to create everything from dating videos to compelling advertizing content.

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Backgrounds and Overlays
Green Screen Wizard can use any JPEG file as a background. There is no need to buy our backgrounds to create great photos with Green Screen Wizard. That being said, it takes a lot of time to find good background photos, so Green Screen Wizard has created a series of superior background disks.
Background Photos

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Sandwich Overlays
Digital backgrounds

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Greeting Cards
Digital Background

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Magazine Covers
Digital Background

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Sandwich Frame
Digital Background

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Background Art
Digital Background

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Video Backgrounds
Digital Background

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